meet the team

Welcome to Youthful Aesthetics Skin Studio, where science meets holistic healing!

We are an exclusive, private studio dedicated to personalized skin care treatments, DMK skin revision and premium waxing. YA Skin is defined as a state of beauty and grace. We not only want to help treat our clients' skin at any stage, but also maintain a long term solution and results. It’s all about the quality, not the quantity!

Yana A. - Owner / Lead Esthetician

Hi, I’m Yana!  As a young girl, I was always interested in skin care, even though I didn’t understand the benefits at the time. Having suffered from severe acne as a teen, healthy skin was always on my mind and I knew it was my calling.

When I was learning to treat my skin healthfully, I remember feeling a lack of empathy during my facials but most importantly, a lack of esthetician-to-client education. I've dedicated my life to researching skin chemistry on a cellular level, so that I can give you the most efficient, LONG TERM results, healing your skin from inside out. In 2014, my skills and expertise came together and I was able to create
my dream: YA Skin Studio.

I have been a Member of Associated Skin Care Professionals since 2015, and some of my accolades include: DMK Paramedical Therapist of the Year (2021), and Former Nationwide Esthetic Educator (2015-2019).

Jackie I. - Esthetician

I’m Jackie, im licenced esthetician. I have 5 years experience as an esthetician in 5-star luxury spas.Since I was a little girl, my obsession has been skin!

As I got older, I knew this was what I was meant to do. Not only did I want to improve my own skin, but educating people and getting them excited about the journey of skin transformation is what I am here for.

In my free time, I love to travel, salsa dance, eat good food, and meet new people!

Katheryn S. - Administrative Assistant

My name is Katheryn and I’m excited to help you achieve the glowing skin of your dreams. As a film actor, I understand how important keeping yourself healthy and refreshed, looking your best, is a necessity.

Taking care of your skin plays a part in that, much more than people realize. In my spare time, you’ll find me on set, writing scripts, in the gym, reading or cuddling with my cat and chinchilla.

I love staying active, so let me know your top hiking recommendations!

Kristina S. - Social Media / Marketing

Hi, I’m Kristina! As the social media manager.

I love capturing all the beautiful, funny, and interesting moments to share with our amazing community. One of my favorite parts is how much I learned about skincare and health since working at YA Skin Studio.

Fun Fact: recently discovered my passion for painting and now I love expressing my creativity on canvas as well.

Anastasia S. - Business and Strategy Advisor

Hi, I'm Anastasia Sowa and I am a business and strategy advisor with a passion for empowering entrepreneurs to reach their fullest potential.

As a trusted advisor to YA Skin Studio, my approach is committed to fostering a culture of innovation and excellence. I love to work closely with the team to identify new opportunities, overcome obstacles, and drive continuous improvement across all aspects of the business.

I’m recharging through the gardening and plants, I got a very green thumb! And love traveling and playing piano.

PersonalizeD skin care studio founded by Yana Manukyan.

Youthful Aesthetics Skin is defined as a state of beauty and grace. I not only want to help treat our clients skin, but maintain a long term solution.




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