Welcome to Youthful Aesthetics Skin studio
(YA Skin studio)

Personalize skin care studio founded by Yana Manukyan. YA Skin is defined as a state of beauty and grace. I not only want to help treat our clients skin, but maintain a long term solution.

This is where science meets holistic healing! Exclusive private studio specialized in custom skin care treatments, DMK skin revision and premium waxing. It’s all about quality not the quantity!

Transforming skin in Chicago since 2014. Yana has been perfecting her craft for nearly 8 years. Traveling all over the world learning from the best. Yana is a Member of Associated Skin Care Professionals since 2015, DMK Paramedical Therapist of the year 2021, Former Nationwide Esthetic Educator 2015-2019.

Yana’s client base and reputation has exploded since she opened her skin care studio, "Luxe Spa Boutique" in 2015, and now she is thrilled for the new chapter as the Luxe Spa is becoming Youthful Aesthetics. Yana's passion, skills and expertise came together and she created her dream. A space where she has designed her most popular non-invasive facial protocols. She combines cutting edge technologies with alternative methods and advanced facial treatment to achieve impeccable results and completely rejuvenating experiences for her clients.
“As a young girl, I was always interested in skin care even though I didn’t understand the benefits of good skin care. Having suffered from severe acne as a teen, skin was always on my mind and always something I wanted to truly understand. Before becoming a licensed Esthetician, I was once a client with severe acne. During regular treatments, I remembers feeling that there was a lack of empathy and most importantly client education. To make a shift in the skin, one must know and understand the skin, even just the basics. I've spent countless hours researching what corrects and heals the skin and it's dis-function at a cellular level, to give you the most efficient LONG TERM results and heal your skin from inside out, creating my SIGNATURE FACIAL Protocol.”

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Want to become successful Esthetician?

This training is for you! Learn how to efficient treat the skin with Yana’s signature facial protocols.
Our programs:
- “Beyond the basic facial” 10 hours
- “Advanced waxing” 10 hours
- 10 hours of CE + 1 hour sexual harassment will be provided upon successful completion of the course. This training is only for licensed esthetician, please note you will have to provide your esthetician license before you can sign up for the course.

PersonalizeD skin care studio founded by Yana Manukyan.

Youthful Aesthetics Skin is defined as a state of beauty and grace. I not only want to help treat our clients skin, but maintain a long term solution.




230 E Ohio St. Suite 112, Chicago IL 60611